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We have collected the fruit playground Mods on various such as:npc mods ,weapons, animal mods, cars mods, furniture, tanks and technics, different buildings and many other..

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how to put mods in fruit playground

The Fsave folder is in Android >> Data >> com.ONRIStudio.JustPlayground >> Files >> Saves Note that the mod file for the Fruit Playground ends with .fsave In order to install the .fsave

1. Download the fruit playground Mods file and save it

2.Open Zarchiver /FV File Manager and go to the Download folder to find the zip pack you just download.Extract to./<Archive name>/

3. Enter the game and go to any map

4. Select the save tab

5. Click on the “Install save file” button

How to get For fruit playground Mods 1 Fruit Playground Mods

6. Select the desired .Fsave file

7. Enter the game and go to the editor using the “Editor” button in the main menu

how to put mods in fruit playground .Fmod2 Fruit Playground Mods
how to put mods in fruit playground .Fmod1 Fruit Playground Mods

9. Click on the “Install mod file” button

10. Select the desired .Fmod file

11. Everything is ready, the mod is installed

After downloading the fruit playground mods, please load the mod once in the fruit playground and then enter the map to use the mod. If it does not take effect, please restart the game.

After downloading different modules, each module may be placed in different categories in the menu bar on the left side of the map, please pay attention to find it.

Due to the problem of the game itself, using too many mods to load may cause black screen and freeze problems, which can be solved by clearing the mod function and restarting the game.