Fruit Playground

App Name Fruit Playground
Publisher ONRI Studio
Genre Simulation
Latest Version 0.1.7
Update on June 18, 2024
Requirements 5.1
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This is a physical ragdoll sandbox game with various items of different categories. In this game, you can relax both mentally and physically. You can build some kind of mechanism, or some kind of vehicle, or some kind of building, or you can not build anything and just play with ragdolls, this will help you relieve stress


– New Map: Pit

– Berserk Mode for fruits, which can be activated by double clicking

– Weapon Editor

– Share button for mods in the editor

– Option to enable tracer ammo for weapons by default in settings


– Wooden Plank can be destroyed now

– Increased Revolver damage

– Slightly changed Machine Gun texture


– Randomly spawning random items in saves

– Bug with value when Inspect

– Bug where missiles didn’t pass through objects with collision disabled

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Added: - Mechanisms: Ray Activator, Servo - Weapon attachment: Tracer Ammo - Double click features: - Bind activation buttons to UI - Copy button - Set Layer button - Nuclear explosion shockwave effect Changed: - Adjusted fruit arm rotation anchor for better positioning - Spark fuse now sends an activation signal when activated - Small rocket's force now can be changed Fixed: - Weapon hitting issues in high speed - Save issue after deleting a save with the same name

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